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Why Get a Zillow Walkthrough Video

Create added exposure to your listing with a Zillow Walkthrough Video. As a Zillow Certified Photographer, Property Marketing Tours can create a short video that “walks” the home buyer through the house to experience the floor plan and layout. The video is uploaded to Zillow.com and also featured on Trulia.com  

Listings with a Zillow Walkthrough Video typically receive 3 times the views as listings without video, and, listings with a Zillow Walkthrough Video are automatically displayed at the TOP of search results within Zillow.com.  


A Zillow Walkthrough Video is recorded with a mobile phone through the Zillow app and does not include any sound. The video length is no more than 2 minutes​.  

Please note that if there is not a mobile signal at the property it will not be possible to record the video.  Also, Property Marketing Tours cannot be responsible for any technical problems that Zillow may experiences after the video is loaded up to the website.


Basic Package:

  • up to 2 minutes of video
  • Uploaded to Zillow


Order a Zillow Walkthrough Video

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